Take precautions, relax, this too shall pass.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

For the past few weeks, I have been thinking about this pandemic situation that we are all trapped. It seems like this will never end, but this is not true — as anything in life, this will end at some point. We will be back to normal together, and we will be able to smile again, we will be social still, we will continue to celebrate birthdays and parties again.

To begin with, it is indeed sad to see all the people that are dying due to this pandemic, but we should be putting things in perspective. The flu kills about 60K Americans every year, and we have never gotten so sad about it because we just didn’t see it in the news.

Why is this happening? I don’t have the answer to this, I don’t believe God sent us this, but I think He is allowing this to happen to teach us a valuable lesson, “nothing should be taken for granted and we must take care and love each other more.” We have to live every day like it is the last of our days. A few months ago, we didn’t appreciate the value of our front-line workers (doctors, nurses, super-market cashiers, etc.) as much as we do today — they all deserve Oscars. On top of that, several months ago, we didn’t appreciate the importance of a hug as much as we do today, so many of us are starting to learn essential lessons.

Why are people panicking? If you look at the news these days, you get very discouraged because they don’t seem to have a positive message, so I decided not to look at it anymore and trust me, I am happier than before. Is the news meant to make us panic? I think so.

We need to look at the positive side of all of this. Our planet is taking a break and getting cleaner for all the damage we have have been doing to it. Our kids are happy to have their parents at home, enjoy more home-cooked and healthy meals than ever, and have enough time to retrospect and change the course of our lives by being more human and supporting each other more.

How can we be more relaxed and look ahead? By reading positive books, exercising more, drinking more water, playing with our kids, and caring for our elderly, we can relax our minds. But most importantly, when all of this ends, I hope we do not forget to be better human beings every single day.

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