Is it worth to apply for an EMBA at Quantic School of Business and Technology?

I have been asked by a few fellow Amazonian and LinkedIn connections about my experience with Quantic School of Business & Technology, so I decided to share my thoughts here.

Image Source: Quantic School of Business and Technology

First of all, I am extremely grateful with all the Quantic team for giving me the opportunity of being part of this amazing journey. I always wanted to pursue an MBA, however did not have the time nor the budget to go to a traditional business school. Therefore, when a co-worker mentioned that Quantic had a rigorous MBA program that was flexible and affordable I was very interested.

Here’s my journey so far…

I applied to the MBA program while I was pregnant with my second child -yes, this program is flexible enough that I could follow it while taking care of my two kids and a full time job-. The acceptance rate is very competitive (less than 7% acceptance) but Quantic contacted me to submit an application for the Executive program, which is even more exclusive. A few weeks after applying to the EMBA, I received an invitation for a virtual interview, which happened on the same day I was released from the hospital after a C-Section. Could that be possible in a traditional Business School? Absolutely not if you have to go for an in-person interview. Two months after, I received an email from Quantic letting me know that I was ACCEPTED in the program!

On November 4th 2019, I started the program and so far my experience has been terrific. I would like to highlight the following:

1. The curriculum is top-notch, very rigorous and comprehensive;

2. Quantic case studies are as rigorous as any other business school;

3. Quantic platform is very engaging, so you need to be paying attention to the content;

4. The schedule is great and you make your own;

5.The day to day interactions with my class are like any other traditional programs, via Slack;

6.Quantic has many opportunities to meet up with your class and Quantic alumni, etc.

7.The Quantic Mobile app is making it possible for me to be on-track with the program while taking care of my two kids.

To sum up, I could not be happier with my Quantic experience. They have exceeded my expectations in terms of the quality of the curriculum and the flexibility they offer in comparison to other online programs. Therefore, I highly recommend anyone thinking about Quantic to apply. I hope you all get accepted!

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