10 Signs you have Emotional Intelligence.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Emotional Intelligence is a priceless trait that leaders must work on every day. Here are ten things that indicate if you are on the right track.

1- You appreciate the little things in life, and you say thank you very often.

2-You, forgive anyone who hurts you, and move on.

3-You never blame others for your mistakes; instead, you see them as an opportunity for improvement.

4-You communicate your feelings, and say the things that hurt or make you uncomfortable.

5-You, do not pay attention to people who want to turn you down. Instead, you ignore them.

6-You, smile very often.

7-You genuinely help others.

8-You, do not make decisions when you are upset.

9-You are continuously working on self-awareness of your behavior, and how they impact you and others.

10-You build-up and keep good relationships with people.

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