About Me

My name is Elvi Caperonis. I was born in a small and poor village in the Dominican Republic by the name of Las Matas De Farfan. I am the youngest of four daughters raised by a single mother. My Mom, with a meager salary as a nurse, managed to provide everything she could. My sisters and I did not have everything we needed. 
 At an early age, I learned that life was not easy, but one had to keep fighting. I faced very tough odds of success. However, I always kept a positive mindset. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I redoubled my efforts. 

I started to read books about successful people. I started imitating their thought process and attitudes. I studied hard to obtain good grades during high school. When many of my friends were having a good time going to parties, etc., I would be preparing assignments or studying for exams. As a result, I graduated from high school the first in my class. The award received was a scholarship to study Computer Science at Universidad APEC in Santo Domingo. However, my Mom did not have enough funds to support me financially, so I looked for a financial institution.​ It was hard to balance a full-time position with College. However, I still managed to maintain myself until graduation, finishing near the top of my class, and earning another scholarship. The award was given for me to study for my Master's Degree in Madrid, Spain at Universidad Pontificia De Salamanca.

In 2011, I moved to the United States and continued working as a Business Analytics consultant. A few years later, I was contacted by Harvard University and had the honor to receive an employment opportunity as a Techno-Functional Reporting Analyst. At Harvard University, I was introduced to using advanced Agile methodologies and Scrum for project management. I managed and develop Business Analytics solutions with efficiency and cost-effective completion of many projects involving cross-functional teams. In 2016, I became a Certified ScrumMaster® by the Scrum Alliance. During my tenure at Harvard, I enjoyed connecting with people, learning about the American culture, and building relationships with positive, driven, and motivated people in the Harvard community.

In 2017, I left Harvard University and joined the Alexa team at Amazon as a Business Intelligence Engineer. My role involved developing BI solutions to support Alexa international expansion efforts. In 2018, I became an Amazon Scrum Trainer and since then, I have been helping Amazonians to deepen their Scrum knowledge and assisting them as an Agile Coach.  Additionally, at Amazon, I have been given many opportunities to contribute to Diversity and Inclusion efforts. One example is partnering with Amazon Women in Engineering Boston to become an #iamRemarkable facilitator and help women and under-represented minorities to boost their self-confidence and express themselves at the workplace and beyond.  In February 2020, I transitioned to Amazon Web Services as a Technical Program Manager. 

I am a certified Professional Career Coach. My main goal is to empower others with my life experiences, interpersonal skills, and education to discover their paths for life purpose, career, and happiness.

I hold an Executive Masters of Business Administration from Quantic School of Business & Technology and I am preparing to become a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) by the Scrum Alliance.