Empowering Graduate Students and Professionals Discover Their Career Paths and Land Their Dream Job.

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My Career Coaching Story

I am a Technical Program Manager at Amazon and a former Harvard University employee. I am a Certified Career Coach Professional who specializes in helping graduate students, and professionals to find their career path and land their dream jobs. 

I coach graduate students and professionals based on my career journey and work experience as a former Harvard University employee and current Amazonian. I use vetted and proven step-by-step coaching process with techniques and tools that help my clients develop and boost their Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and be prepared to achieve their career dreams. My methods not only allow them to grow professionally and personally but also will enable them to find their dream career to fulfill their potential, successfully land their desire job, and enjoy the work they do. 

The techniques I have mastered through my career experiences have made me so successful that students, colleagues, and professionals are consistently asking me to support them with their career challenges, which motivated me to turn my newfound passion into a career. 

I offer a comprehensive career coaching program to guide you in every facet of your career development successfully. This program includes finding a career you love, navigating thru the job search, branding yourself, and telling your story in a way that can get any position, crafting your resume in a way that stands out, generating LinkedIn referrals, and general career advice. 

If you need help finding your career path, changing your current career, searching for a new job, nailing the job interview, or need help to move forward in your career, please get in touch, I would be delighted to help you.